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Pool Pumps Manufacturer

EMS Pumps is one of the leading Pool Pumps manufacturer since 1963 and exported its submersible pumps to many countries, through keeping high customer satisfaction and support.

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Pool Pumps are circulation motors that filter and clean this water with the help of a pool maintenance vacuum cleaner or balance tank, and then filter this water through filters with different values and pump it back into the pool through the clean distribution water channels. It is also called centrifugal pump. Pool pumps are produced with wear-resistant materials. It is the most correct term to say that the pool pump is the heart of the circulation system in swimming pools. The pool pump consists of a hydraulic wet end and an electrical enclosure. The purpose of the pool water pump is to keep the visual clarity of the water constant, to prevent the passage to be protected from water and to provide water circulation. Another feature of pool pumps is that they prevent the protection of various structures by providing the chemicals used in the pool to form somehow.


Main Features - R&D

We designed our R&D structure to prepare the future by adding today’s technological developments to our corporate structure and our experience in the sector. We have added lean production techniques among the constants of the design processes. We offer our customers special design options with our test laboratories, technical equipment and production facilities, and we guarantee continuous development and traceability.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Long Life + Warranty

Long Life + Warranty

What Should Be Considered When Usıng A Pool Pump?

Things to consider when using a pool pump are explained below:

  • The pool pump used should be operated in a waterless area.
  • Pool pump selection should be selected according to pool dimensions.
  • Attention should be paid to blockages in the outlet channels of the pool pump.
  • Keeping the air circulation of the pool pump in one place allows it to cool more easily and thus prevents it from overheating.
  • The outlet valve must be closed when operating the pool pump.
  • After the pool pump reaches its operating speed, the outlet valve can be opened.

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How Does The Pool Pump Work?

The pool pump absorbs the water from the main drain, passes through the filters, separates the residues in the filter, and the water cleaned from the main inlets is returned to the pool. The propeller connected to the shaft rotates with the use of the propeller and ensures that the water is quickly absorbed into the body line. The bed in the pool pump provides the control of the flow and the regular operation of the electrical components. All pool water was swept by the main pump. It can also be done in your hand with the grids located at the bottom of the pool.

How Much Is The Pool Pump Workıng Speed?

The pool water pump being used varies according to the size of the pool and engine power. The number of pool pump motors used in its construction is 3.450 rpm. Pumping Speed is usually 2.5 meters/second.

FAQs: Pool Pumps Manufacturer

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Yes. EMS Pumps manufacture the Pool Pumps at any quantity you want.

Yes. EMS Pumps exports the Pool Pumps to any country. You can contact us and inform which models you need and which country you are from.

Yes, we can ship you the samples of our products, you to check the quality.